Sunday, 1 December 2013

THE REAL ISSUE- Jamaica’s Economy


Jamaica's current economic state is straight up DISGUSTING, to think that we have maximized all our resources and it still haven't amounted to anything. The audacity of these politicians! They are buying their electoral seats from the simple minded poor. Some of them should be reprimanded because they don't have neither the country's nor the public's interest at heart.
        I laugh at so many uneducated overzealous individuals jumping up and down and riding on motorcades around election time. "Senseless" -Their vote is only worth 1000-3000 (JMD), in a nutshell that's only a Sunday dinner or two. Now look at the opportunity cost of two Sunday dinners against countries economic state with inflation and stagflation crippling the society. That’s not right if you ask me but I guess greed is a part of human nature.
          So many Jobs are being promised- heard they were promising 35,000 jobs. Now if 35,000 jobs are being created with the country operating at full capacity, there only leaves room for the environmental degradation discouraging potential investors leading to further problems. The economy is slow we all know that; then why aren't decisions being made in order of priority. We need to think about the poor if you ask me because they are the ones suffering day in and day out.   
      In retrospect, I've seen attempts of them trying to solve this problem but the truth is “there are too much Politics in Politics” no one is willing to make a sacrifice for the long run benefit of the economy. That’s the reason why the agreement is not signed; 16 new High-End SUV’s (over 60 Million dollars) the nerve of them. I’m not saying it is wrong to treat our leaders but was the time right? With individuals still suffering from Hurricane Sandy.

            The only sensible solution is using our own human and natural resources. Therefore increasing the literacy level at the primary level thus there will be smarter children entering the secondary institutions. The dollar has also depreciated significantly, so they need to stabilize the dollar therefore increasing the purchasing power. This could attract potential investors to the country boosting revenue and therefore creating a better circular flow of money. Available resources should be utilized; decrease unnecessary imports and focus on our products and boost Exports.

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