Friday, 4 October 2013

The Real Issues in Jamaica

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My Views:

     Deprived of our natural resources; exploited by the multinationals and individuals who have no cultural ties to our country- leading to long-run cultural erasure and environmental degradation. Is it because we are America’s backyard? The big garbage bag! So everything that is thrown at us and we just take it. We have no courage, no thrust to elevate our society so we have resorted to the ‘Do has they say policy’. Life has always been rough in the Caribbean; it was built around genocide and slavery for Christ sake.

     We were awarded our independence from the British (1962) but the truth is we didn't fight for it,  it was just given to us. Look at British army; they would have absolute annihilate us. We got our independence in a time when the British were getting rid of some the smaller states because it was more profitable to do so because slavery ended and most of the resources have already been extracted.

     Now here we stand; we stand without money, security and not even an ounce of pride. A cry for help is definitely in order but from whom? Who will help us? No one is willing to bear the burden. To think how the dollar has been depreciating (102JA-1US) now is that good, our economy has collapsed. There is a slim/no probability of exchange rate appreciation.

     Then they come and parade in their green and orange suits. "Yes Oxtail, Chicken Back Done Wid", then why individuals have resorted to garbage consumption? They have ignored the central problem of economics, leading to faulty allocation of resources propelling crime because individuals don't have the access to jobs or education. How can you think of taking away/ reduce a teacher's pension. That bill shouldn't even pass the front door.  

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  1. Couldn't have said it better myself, if only the bigger heads saw things at this perspective, instead they only look out for themselves