Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Mothers of the World

Women are better parent than Men

 In today’s society many people are of the view that men are as good as women in parenting. However, in my opinion, women are the ideal sex for parenting and are they are far more advance is this field than men based on their familiarization with caring for children, natural instinct of mothers and their opportunity to contact with the children.
     Firstly, women have already been familiarized with the taking care of a child from a tender age. They had to get accustom to house chores such as cooking, washing and cleaning. Unlike men, since they were teenage girls, they have been taught that their future responsibility is to make wonderful mothers. Furthermore, due to the belief that women who are not good at domestic duties will have problems in their family life, a great amount of pressure was place on them to acquaint themselves with motherly duties. Besides, men who are in charge of preparing foods, getting household tasks done are describe as acting like a girl, which results in their unwillingness to take part in such tasks. Hence, they are usually overshadowed by women in the role of parents.

     Secondly, it is the women’s natural instinct that really put them at an advantage in being better parents. Evidently, women are more caring and loving than men, thanks to the sacred and very close relationship they have with their offspring from the very first day of pregnancy.  Therefore, majority of the times children tends to listen and confide their personal problems to them without their being worried and hesitant. Without a doubt, there is always a wide gap between the father and children in a family because the father is seen as a strict and serious man, which also makes children reluctant to open their hearts. In contrast, women are considered not only better mothers but also close friends.
     Lastly, women have more opportunity to contact with their kids. Men are the providers, they are supposed to work very hard to support their wives and children therefore are not able to spend time with the children. We cannot deny that men are not important element in child rearing but women spend so much time with their children that it is really hard to beat them at their game. Can I safely say that women's primarily responsibility is to raise their children? 

In conclusion, even though men posses qualities to assist them in child rearing, women have mastered each and every quality therefore making them better at parenting.

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