Thursday, 3 October 2013

Jamaican Scientist- Thomas Phillip Lecky

     Thomas Phillip Lecky was born on 1904 in the parish of Portland, Jamaica. He was a young
man who always concern and interested in finding answers to questions that puzzled others.
Being such an intriguing person is love for research develops. He attend a farm school in St.
Andrew and under the guidance of HH cousins TP Lecky gain in depth knowledge in areas
which prepared him for the research world. After completing is studies at the farm school he
later went to Canada to pursue degrees in Agriculture and Animal Husbandry.  He came back to
Jamaica in 1934 with his degrees but was not able to get a job in his desired field because he was
not white; he however got his chance in 1942 when he was place in charge of the breeding of
cattle at hope farm.
      His work was undermined and push aside for a number of years so he went and did is PhD in
genetics at the University of Edinburgh. After acquiring his PhD Dr. Lecky was determine to get
is work recognize worldwide and by 1952 he successfully created and registered a diary breed
called the Jamaica Hope. He was also instrumental in establishing three Jamaican meat breeds-
Jamaica Brahmin, the Jamaica Red and the Jamaica black. His works greatly improve the
productivity and economic situations of the small farmers in Jamaica and this was Dr. Lecky primary objective.

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