Monday, 23 September 2013

Why do I suck at Math?

Why Do I Suck At Math?
I know a lot of student ask this question and there is no need to beat yourself up over it. I wrote in previous blog " Math can be easy" and told readers that even though i am now capable of passing any math exam at the university level I was one of those students who use to suck at math!

Five Reasons why you suck at Math
  • You do not pay attention in class.
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  • After each math class you do not practice to see if you understand the topics that have been taught.

  • When you have made a couple of attempts to solve a mathematical problem and you fail you immediately give up.

  • You turn your mind against math and as soon as you get a math problem to solve the words that comes from your mouth is 'i can't do this'.

  • You do not seek help
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