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The Legendary Bob Marley

Bob Marley

Robert Nesta Marley Jamaica greatest musician of all time was born in the parish of St. Ann, Jamaica on 6th day of February 1945. His mother Candella Malcom and father Captain Norval Marley, who was attached to the British regiment were married but separated when family pressure regarding the marriage force them a part.

Bob Marley also called the 'The King of Reggae' grew up in trench town,a inner city community in Jamaica and started is musical journey at the age of 16. While growing up and showing interest in his music he made friends with Neville livingston also know as Bunny wailer and shortly after he met Peter tosh.  Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Junior Braithwaite, Beverly Kelso and Cherry Smith stared the group- Wailing Wailers in 1963 and they produce hit such as 'Simmer down'. Cherry and Braithwaite left the group but however the remaining members produce hits like "One Love", "Rudie" and "I'm still waiting".

During this hit making period Bob met Rita Anderson and they got married in 1966, he later migrated to the USA where he spent almost a year before he came back to Jamaica. On his return Marley and the other members rename the group to The wailers and they made some wonderful hits such as 'Small Axe, 'Duppy Conqueror', 'I Shot the Sheriff, 'No Woman No Cry,'Get Up Stand Up', and 'Lively up yourself'.

The group made international strides when they sign a contract with Island Records owned by a white Jamaican in London called Chris Blackwell. Under Blackwell Guidance the group release albums such as "Concrete Jungle', 'Catch a Fire', ' Stir it Up', and the final album released before the group decided to go on their own musical ventures was 'Burning'.

Bob team up with his wife, Rita, Marcia Griffiths and Judy Mowatt and the group was name Bob Marley and the Wailers. The group was tremendous they 'wow' the international and local markets. They release chat topping album such as; 'live', 'Natty Dread', 'Rastaman Vibration', 'Babylon by bus', 'Exodus','Survival', and 'Kaya'. These albums where exceptional and loved all over the world, they also released 'Uprising' and three other albums namely; 'Confrontation', 'Talking Blues' and 'Legend' where released after is death.

Robert Nesta Marley used music to break a lot of racial and social barriers. His music inspires many and that is why he is the King of reggae.

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