Saturday, 28 September 2013

Course Reflection

Reflection on My English course
English has always been a challenge for me. While doing this course, I realize that it does not require a master mind to understand how to effectively use the English language, but if one does not understand the fundamental or basic rules of the language they will have difficulties in using it. The course had led me to explore the language a bit more and even though I have not fully mastered it, I am now able to approach certain topics in English with confidence. In Mathematics you cannot add unlike terms; while in English you cannot have the subject and the verb not agreeing in the sentence. I use the mathematics comparison because I am mathematics major, and while doing this course I saw where I can link the two to better understand how the language works.
     Overall, the tutor did an excellent job of explaining each topic in detail. I must say the way how she delivered each lecture and tutorial was effective, because majority of the students stayed for each three hour class weekly, and that was exceptional.

Lastly, I have benefited from this course and in a number of ways. It has showed me how to improve my writing and how to reason at the highest level; and as such, I am thankful for it.
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