Monday, 23 September 2013

My Math Experience

Payless ShoeSource  Mathematics might seem quite easy to me but for others it is really difficult!

To be honest, at the initial stage of high school I could not do math at all. I started to feel frustrated because I keep failing the tests and I just could not get the math questions right. However, I was determine to understand this subject and I spent hours at home trying to solve questions by my self.

The long hours of practicing finally paid off in my last year of high school when I realize that math had some fundamental steps that you have to understand in order to master this subject. I remember saying  "wow! Was it really this easy".

I believe everybody is able to do well in math but it take a little more dedication and attention for those persons who are not a fan of the subject.

I left high school with a distinction in mathematics and after that I did my A-levels and am now in my second year at the University of Technology pursing a degree in Statistics.

Remember I was not able to do math in my initial stage of secondary school!

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